Top 10 reasons to stay
Roman Catholic


10.    It's politically incorrect.
          Annoy the Catholic bashers.

  9.    You can sing badly, and no one cares.
          9 out of 10 American Catholics are musically challenged

  8.    You can impress your friends.
          Tell them you belong to a militant international institution

  7.    Your Mother.
          low cost way to keep her happy.

  6.    Great weddings.
          When it comes to ceremony the Catholic Church is smokin'.

  5.    Great Pope.

  4.    Saints.
          Talk about friends in high places!

  3.    Confession.
          No, it's not fun, but what a deal.

  2.    Dependability.
          Jesus founded our Church on Peter, the rock, and promised that
          the gates of hell would not prevail against it.


  1.    And the number one reason to stay Roman Catholic is the
          awesome gift of . . . Click Here